Saturday, 17 March 2012

L'Oreal Fashion Festival, Yeah!

Hi there, everyone! Firstly, what do you think of the new look? I love how much girlier it looks, and My Melody is really the icing on the cake! Anywho~ I have some great news to share with you all, as well as some pictures of freebies I scored from the L'Oreal Fashion Festival yesterday! If I had to sum it up in one word, it was amazing. I enjoyed every minute of it and hope I can go again next year!

Before the show, I had never seen a model in the flesh, so it was quite the experience for me! Especially because I hope to become one myself someday, hehe! Right off the bat, I couldn't help but notice how well-off most of the women looked, while my friends and I were stuck in our school uniforms (because our going to the festival was arranged by the school). It was a little embarrassing, but oh well!
Before it began, we were free to help ourselves to complimentary drinks and finger-food. I had unfortunately already bought and eaten lunch beforehand, so I could only bring myself to having a cup of tea. Though my friend Chelsea complained to me about it tasting cheap, I thought it was pretty nice.
The show basically revolved around the do's and don'ts of make-up application, as told by an apparently very  well-known make-up artist. I had never seen or heard of her before, honestly, but she was very clear on her advice and managed to make everyone laugh quite a few times!
I learnt so many interesting things about make-up, I can't wait to give it all a try once I buy everything! Oh, and speaking of purchases, I recently bought a compact pressed powder to use over my concealer - it's very smooth and suits my skin nicely. Once I believe my make-up is Gyaru enough to post here, you can see it for yourselves!
One of the best parts of the festival was probably getting my big ol' bag of freebies! Who can go past free make-up? Even if most of them are samples, haha! Here's everything I got that day:

 Special 200th edition of Marie Claire.

 ELVIVE  Colour-Protect shampoo.

 Elnett Very Volume Hairspray sample.

 L'Oreal Youth Code Night Cream.

 L'Oreal Youth Code Day Cream sample.

 L'Oreal Base/Nude/Lumi Magique samples.

 L'Oreal Men Expert Daily Anti-Fatigue Moisturiser sample.

 L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in 'Shiny Grapefruit'.

Having used the Night Cream a couple times already now, I'm pretty impressed with the results! It made promises of 'deep hydration' and a fresher-looking complexion after the first night, and I can see that my skin looks a bit fuller (as opposed to being flat, if that makes sense) and more awake.

While I was flipping through the magazine, I found a photoshoot that took place in Japan. One of the pictures includes alternative fashion; there are even two Lolitas present! Take a look:

The girl in pink is wearing BABY! I still love their stuff, even if my interest has shifted to Himegyaru. I'm sure a lot of their accessories could be coordinated with Hime, anyway!

Thanks for reading, princesses! See you soon! 


  1. Awww, we didn't have anything cool like that around here.... Actually, I can't remember really any field trips in high school, besides this one time I went to some space simulator, and even that was back at the end of junior high....

    Anyway, if you're ever really liking some Lolita dresses, you can always try Lolita Gal, lol. Honestly though, a lot of the classic Lolita dresses look so elegant, like something Jesus Diamante would make, that I'm really thinking of buying some. I mean, just trade the huge petticoat for maybe a more subtle one.... I haven't tried it yet, but it feels like it would work. In fact, one of my dream dresses is a JSK from Mary Magdalene. No idea the official name for it, just that it's white and has a shirring look on the bust, lol. I know, really descriptive, right?

    1. We don't usually go on excursions, so it was quite a surprise that this one came up - and at a fashion show, no less. XD; I was so happy! > u <

      I've heard about people combining Gal with Lolita, and I know a lot of people can pull it off, I just worry that the Lolita silhouette won't suite me. I suppose more A-line and less 'cupcake', it'll be fine!

      But you're right, if I really come across a piece that I love, but don't think I should buy just because it's from BABY or AP, I'll go ahead with it. I don't want to limit myself just because I'm afraid of breaking a few silly rules. After all, they were made to be broken, rigt? >w>

      Good luck getting your dream dress, it sounds lovely! ♡