Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Miserable Weather

Hi again, everyone! So far, my week has been very... wet. It literally hasn't stopped raining since Sunday night! There were even warnings of flash floods on the radio yesterday, but thankfully, that died down pretty quickly.

I hope the rain will wait even a little until I have the chance to buy a new umbrella, however. My old ones were so cheap, they broke after only a couple uses! I've learnt my lesson: quality over quantity, that's for sure! (And it being cute would definitely be a bonus!)

Oh, and my press-ons have been complimented so much at school that I'm a little overwhelmed! I really didn't think peoples' hands got that much attention, but I guess when they're sparkly it's a little hard not to notice, hehe! 

I'm really not used to hearing such sincerely nice things from strangers, but honestly, I like the feeling a lot!

Well, before I go, here's a new phone charm I bought from a capsule machine! I'm not very familiar with the Care Bears, so I'll just call her 'Pink Bear', haha! I feel so lucky to have gotten just the one I wanted, since they're randomized. She matches my pink phone perfectly, I think! (Hehe, Haruhi's reflection says, 'hi'!)

Hope you princesses are all having an amazing week and enjoyed my little update today! Lots of love~ 


  1. I think that's Love-A-Lot Bear! But it's been some time since I last studied on my Care Bear lore, lol.

    Anyway, it's really good that you've been getting such a positive reception ^^ They really are pretty~!

    I don't know if you have any Sanrio stores around you, but they make fantastic umbrellas. I bought a My Melody one a couple years back, and it's exceptionally sturdy. It was $26 (USD), but it's one of the big, clear ones that you can't fold away. I think the collapsible ones are less expensive. Certainly cute, and way less expensive than the fancy ones Baby, the Stars Shine Bright make (even though I still totally want one, lol)

  2. Argh, I knowww~ Baby's frilly umbrellasol things are so adorable! XD; Too bad they're so expensive. ; u ; I saw the My Melody umbrellas on Sanrio's website, they look very cute! >w< Good to know that they're reliable as well! I'll have to see if there are any Sanrio stores near me, now!

    And thank you! I was never really a Care Bear fan, so you'll have to excuse my ignorance. >n<; Haha!